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Antique Heritage Tour

Hey guys! So this weekend we had our immersion in Antique, Philippines and it was so fun! So I'm sharing some of my experience here 😊

First stop is Anini-y Hotspring. The view there was really nice tho it's just small. They have a watr slide there, too. But what I like was the story of Anini-y and Nogas that explained about the hotspring and Nogas Island. After that was Anini-y Church. It's the only church left standing in Antique from the colonial period but the structure is still intact. And we got to see a Mill Hill priest and he is the other half of the Mill Hill Missionaries left in Antique. Next is the Buri Handicrafts in Diclum. We made coasters there and it was kinda hard to do. But the end product was a success, tho it's a shame we didn't win and the price was a 16-inch pizza! PIZZA! Who doesn't like pizza?! It's a bit frustrating, but oh well. Next is the The National Shrine of Gen. Leandro Fullon in Hamtic. We also got the chance to meet with The Voice Kids grand champion Joshua Oliveros. He was so cute and really talented! No wonder he won. Next is the Ruins of St. Therese Academy and Casa Municipal Hall in Patningon followed by Patadyong Making. The last event was the Istorya Kanta Kinaray-a and i admit, it's really good. I thought Kinaray-a songs are weird but after I heard it live, I totally changed my mind. The most fun was the Unlimited Foot Spa. It was really ticklish but it was also fun. Days 2's event was Lambaklad fishing, going to Tibiao Bakery (The First ever bakery in Tibiao), Pottery Making and lastly the Bandi and Butong-butong Making.

Here's a picture of our great escape 😀 Kruhay! #ExperienceAntique

And now that the weekend's gone, it's time to face reality - SCHOOL 😨😤
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