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This is just a rant so you can just ignore this. I just really need to say this to get this out of my system and I don't know where else to put it. So here it goes...

First off, me and my roommate isn't really part of this issue. My friends are having a problem with their other friend (who is my other roommate) and last night we confronted her. It just annoys me that we tried to talk to her seriously and she didn't even answer directly. I mean, we're the ones putting effort here. And what annoys me the most is that she said she didn't treat them as bestfriends tho they've been really close for two years!!! And by close, I mean REALLY close! Like, what the hell is wrong with you?!!! And I really wanted them to make up at first because it's really awkward because she keeps on tagging with my circle of friends and she doesn't even do that before. She's really a user!!! Before, she doesn't even invite us when they're having dinner somewhere and now that they are fighting she's having with us?! F*** you bitch!

Now I don't wanna talk to her anymore. Ughhh!!! Why are we even roommates!!! And there's another problem. Last night when we were talking we didn't notice that we were loud. And there was this girl who complained. And we were cool with it, we tried to lower down our voices and I thought it was ok now. But then the next morning we were shocked to know that she tweeted the dormhead saying that we were so loud last night! And now we have to talk to the dorm head. My life just keeps getting better and better. And we have exams coming along. Wow. Just wow.
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